It's not about me. It's about the issues:

Pandemic, which has tested our understanding of precaution, prevention, global responsibility, and civic duty;

War, which challenges us to anticipate the consequences of action and inaction, and reminds us of the importance of forethought and allies;

Ecological Problem, which challenges our self-absorption and stretches our imagination and sense of time, space, and scale;

Democracy, which needs our help -- your involvement and critical thinking-- more than ever.

Peter Duval

OK, here's a little bit about me:

I grew up in Essex. After graduating from Essex High School, I studied Physics at McGill University and then Computer Science at UVM, completing a BS and MS in Computer Science with a teaching fellowship and a focus on complex systems and evolutionary computation. Along the way, I helped Colchester voters reject the Circumferential Highway, and Vermont Electric Co-Op reject the Hydro-Québec Vermont Joint Owners power contract. I was the founding president of the Vermont Bicycle and Pedestrian Coalition.

I hike, sail, and nordic ski. I have toured several countries by bicycle and hiked the Long Trail.

I have traveled to interesting places at interesting times, including Iqaluit in the middle of winter, the Soviet Union around the time of the August Coup, Cuba in the depths of the Special Period, and Bahrain during the Bahraini Uprising. And I lived in Japan for two years, through the 3/11 triple disaster. There's a lot to learn a lot from traveling and living outside of Vermont.

I am a sailing instructor and househusband.

There's more, but it would be good to get back to the issues at hand, to identify underlying patterns that lead to solutions that resolve multiple problems.